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Buffalo Wings & Rings - Fantasy football table tent and website

Building it better, and better.

We have been building cool stuff for Wings & Rings for years. It started with the creation of a fantasy football draft reservations tool and went on to include things like a weekly pro football pick’em game, an NCAA bracket challenge, local search focused content creation, an integration with Yext, and a slick new website.

Let's dig into this.

Wings & Rings is a growing chain of restaurants that offers some of the best wings we’ve ever tasted. (That’s saying something as Rob is from Buffalo). Wings & Rings, however, is based in Cincinnati and it is from here that they run the operations for corporate stores and franchises across the country.

In partnership with their marketing team, it is on us to bring new ideas to the table and imagine where they can use their marketing dollars most effectively. Together we have consistently upgraded their site in style, and in structure. We created customer engagement pieces that brought more people into the stores, and have created content and added web tools to help their site better compete in the world of search.


The “Menu” and “Locations” pages received special attention. Blending content and photography, we show the elevation of their offerings in a long scroll of delicious. We also built a massively complex nutrition calculator that takes into account every option: order size, sauce flavor, and cooking style. The “Locations” pages are some of the hardest-working on the site. Optimized for local search, you’ll find unique highlights, imagery, and content that all speak to the specific location and its place in the neighborhood.

Buffalo Wings & Rings - Home page
Buffalo Wings & Rings - MenuBuffalo Wings & Rings - LocationBuffalo Wings & Rings - Buffalove Foundation

Content Marketing

Contrary to what you would think, wings as good as Wings & Rings’ don’t just sell themselves. They needed a little push to get from the kitchen to the table. We amped up their content marketing with a series of blog posts and videos. From running the pre-production, video shoots, and editing, we created fun and informative content to keep users interacting with Wings & Rings across the digital space. This included blog posts that ranged from how to reheat wings, how to celebrate Valentine’s Day, how to create the perfect bracket, and more. We got playful with what we created and always added that signature Wings & Rings sauce to it. See it all.

Buffalo Wings & Rings - FootballBuffalo Wings & Rings - Tailgate
Buffalo Wings & Rings - Breast CancerBuffalo Wings & Rings - Holiday
Buffalo Wings & Rings - LineupBuffalo Wings & Rings - Dunk

Online Ordering

Ample made ordering your favorite wings easier with Buffalo Wings & Rings. We helped recreate their online ordering app and roll out a loyalty platform powered by Punchh that has helped grow the business by forging better and more regular customers. It started with a prototype that went through user testing—gathering information for a better user experience. We then followed that up with the final, streamlined design. Ample also helped Buffalo Wings & Rings with the implementation of their loyalty program, in conjunction with the app launch. Through content, email creation as well as a full how-to video, we made the mobile ordering process a winner winner chicken dinner.

Buffalo Wings & Rings - Promos - Tailgate Toolkit
Buffalo Wings & Rings - Promos - Sauce campaign



From the time we were asked to build a draft tool like Yahoo's (instead we delivered a reservation system), they’ve trusted us to provide strategic guidance.  


We’ve managed a lot of data behind the scenes, from scheduling draft parties across all locations to managing pick selections for every NFL game.

3rd Party Integration

Ample tapped into Yext to lock down location data. It ensures a single hub to control hours, menus, and pricing across directories like Yelp, Google My Business, and hundreds of others.

Fantasy Football

We built an easy-to-use reservation system that gives league commissioners the power to select draft dates and times at a location of their choice. Leagues received coozies, a draft board, a t-shirt and a guaranteed internet connection as well as plenty of places to plug in. The stores got a guaranteed group of 8-12 who were going to eat, drink, and draft for the next three hours.

Then we kept ’em coming back for more—offering a weekly pick ’em email. Recipients would get a note in their inbox where they could pick a single winner of one of that week’s games. They also received a weekly coupon to come back in and watch a game at a Wings & Rings.

Buffalo Wings & Rings - Fantasy Football - Home pageBuffalo Wings & Rings - Fantasy Football - Pick'emBuffalo Wings & Rings - Fantasy Football - Server checklist
Buffalo Wings & Rings - Fantasy Football - FlyerBuffalo Wings & Rings - Fantasy Football - VideoBuffalo Wings & Rings - Fantasy Football - Ball capsBuffalo Wings & Rings - Fantasy Football - Caution tapeBuffalo Wings & Rings - Fantasy Football - Cheat sheet


Keeping the message fresh takes some creativity. We’ve created a range of table tents, emails, radio spots, and online promotions. This brand is fun and they let us do cool stuff like write funny lines on t-shirts, create tailgating giveaways, and even invent a political campaign that personifies wing sauces.

Buffalo Wings & Rings - Promos - Tailgate ToolkitBuffalo Wings & Rings - Promos - Buffalo Sauciety email
Buffalo Wings & Rings - Promos - Tailgate ToolkitBuffalo Wings & Rings - Promos - Sauce campaignBuffalo Wings & Rings - Promos - Sauce campaign
Buffalo Wings & Rings - Promos - Tee Design
Buffalo Wings & Rings - Promos - Tee Design
Buffalo Wings & Rings - Promos - Tee Design
Buffalo Wings & Rings - Promos - Tee Design

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