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What is Jamstack? It's the way we're building better, more secure websites.

Ample is all in on Jamstack and this page is the the repository of all our nerdy knowledge. Join us as we go in-depth on the highs and lows of static-site generation. Through our blog posts and meetups we are spreading the word on how to make the web a better place — filled with increased security, better performance and near-infinite scalability.

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As a small boutique agency focused on user-experience and online application development, it's important to keep our sites up and running. It's why we are actively engaged in Jamstack methodology every day.

Jamstack Cincinnati

JAMstack Cincinnati Meetup

Join the community of curious folks exploring Jamstack topics and learning how to apply them. We typically meet once a month and would love to have you join us.

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Meetup at Ample's office

Following each month's meetup, a recap is posted. In it, you'll find an overview of the topics discussed as well as links or resources presented at the event.

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