Ample is a place for smart, interesting, and passionate people to call home. It’s also the first call for anyone seeking great digital work. 

When you have a problem you can't solve, a message you can't deliver, a site that doesn't convert—you call the A team. Ample brings a crew who obsessively delivers on time and with excellence, just as their Midwest work ethic demands.

MindTrap, vinyasa, and pizza by the yard

Ample started around a dining room table. We designed, wrote, and coded while cooking and sharing meals. As we’ve grown, the setting changed (and a few of the faces) but the family style atmosphere remains. Food is still important…heck, our office kitchen table is a 10-foot slab of California redwood. And like in any home, it’s where we congregate. Talking politics and tech, football and family. We start our weeks with yoga on Mondays and celebrate the week’s end with drinks on Fridays. In the middle, we work our tails off.

Stop in sometime. If you’re lucky we’ll be eating a Lotta Trotta or a Bearcat (best pizzas on earth). If you’re unlucky we’ll be playing MindTrap (worst game on the planet).

A team worth celebrating

This is a place that believes in hiring smart people who take pride in their work and then affording them the freedom to act in our client’s best interest. It’s a team of creative thinkers who aren’t afraid of letting their freak flag fly.

Josh Fendley

I’ll give it to you straight. Remember The Wolf from the movie Pulp Fiction? He’s the guy who comes in when things are coming undone. He calmly and coolly connects the dots and gets people to move forward together. That’s what I do. I think big, move fast, and solve problems. Then I’ll take you out for pancakes.

Taylor MacDonald

Leave this to me. I believe the right way of doings things is the only way of doing things. Why write code unless it’s elegant and scalable? Why cheer on a basketball team other than UK? Why brew something other than an IPA? Do it right the first time and you need not worry about your site going down during the Cats game.

Kevin Comer

Stories matter most. Facts are facts. In all fairness, I’m a writer, content strategist, and father of three girls. I’m writing client stories by day and making up fairy tales at night. I may be a little biased. However, without the story on the page, it's tough sledding to get someone to buy your product. And that's a fact.

Rob Sloan

I make things right. I’m not the kind of person that settles. When I start a design, I pair countless typefaces in search of legibility and graphic balance. When I felt like Cincinnati was safe, but not stirring—I moved to Bend, Oregon. Some people say that’s overboard. But those kind of people probably typeset their resume in Arial.

Becky Blank
Director of Technical Operations

Collaborate and listen. You’ll love me. I’m like 90s rap. I’ve got the technical know-how you want, mixed with just enough of that sincerity to let you know I care. I’m Tupac’s lyrics over Biggie’s beat. If you don’t get that, it’s cool. Let’s say this... “if there’s a problem, I’ll solve it. Check with my devs so we can resolve it.”

Jen Ellis
Client Strategist

Can I just say… You’ll find yourself wondering how you got along without me. My emails will be a delight. And when we chat on the phone, you’ll think, is this a client call or an old chum on the line?  I guess what I’m saying is, “do you want to be best friends?” I’m kidding. But seriously, if you want to grab lunch I’m free.

Austin Engen
UX Designer

I’ll blow your doors off. I like going fast—racing cars on the weekend and outpacing deadlines all week long. As a designer, my workflow is blazing. I pick things up easily, fire through concepting and ideation. You should challenge me sometime. Just try not to blink.

Lizett Trujillo
Senior Project Manager

I’m the best of both… The focus of an obsessive introvert, but the smiling personality of an enthusiastic extrovert. I’m the nerd who switched to IT because it seemed more exciting. But...let’s be real: Do I seem like a nerd to you? I’m cool as "funk." If you want the best of both worlds, say "hola" a la chica bilingüe.

Jeff Lay
Lead UX Engineer

Writing code is metal... Repeating patterns and riffs, then blending them together to make something that rocks. When I shred code, it’s almost like I can hear the crowd cheering my name...but then I pull off my headphones and realize it’s just Josh asking about lunch. Ah well, that’s almost like a standing ovation.

Nic Irons
UX/UI Designer

I don’t do things by halves. When I wanted to see the world, I became a travel ambassador for an Australian nonprofit. Thought camping sounded cool...became a counselor in Alaska. Never rode a horse… “Sure, I’ll ride this pony through an Icelandic lava field.” Now imagine this: I’m obsessed with design.

Dan Holloran
Director of Engineering

I love building things. In fact I went to school for carpentry and construction management. Yeah, that didn’t go over well in 2008. So instead, I started building websites. Now here I am, a decade later, measuring in pixels rather than square footage. Added bonus — in that time, I haven’t lifted a single sheet of drywall.

Silas Baur

Development is magic… It’s a secret language that powers everything we do today. You might look at my work and think, “Silas? You're just typing a bunch of boring looking lines of code.” Then… PRESTO, I push that baby live and you got a website. I’m not saying I work at Hogwarts... but I am about to go all Harry Potter on these keys.

Rachel Hartwick
Content Strategist

Bring it... The first 10K I ran was in rural Japan. It was mountainous. The air was an inferno. And at the finish line, there was no water to be found — instead, I was handed a steaming hot cup of tea. It’s moments like that when you find out a lot about yourself. Think you have work I can’t handle? Put the kettle on. I know I can take the heat.

Sarah Shiffman
Project Manager

I like people… despite their efforts to dissuade me. Ever notice how they miss details, forget timelines and need constant reminders of what we covered in previous meetings? Well, I’m that odd person who finds that endearing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll bring the hammer down, but I’ll do it cheerfully and with donuts. 

Kell Gauthier
Quality Assurance

Not all devs are nerds… Don’t judge a girl by her title. I’m an NBA fanatic who spends her off hours either on a longboard, a snowboard or moving my fingers up and down a fretboard. Cool right? Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna grab a craft beer, log onto Animal Crossing, and upgrade my island for the next few hours.

Andi Zaferes
Project Manager

Rudo Hengst
Director of Engineering
Laura Sprauer
Full Stack Developer
Shay Scarberry
Senior Developer
Elizabeth Lowry
Senior Copywriter
Ben Iburg
Full Stack Developer

One good turn deserves another

What do you think? Sound like your kind of place? You might be right. We’re always on the lookout for new, interesting, talented people. If you like to have fun, if you have a personal drive to do great work with excellence and you aren’t afraid of challenge, Ample could be for you. We work and celebrate as a team, but it’s the individuals, their personalities and voice, that make it all happen.

  • Fully paid healthcare and parking.
  • A week of Christmas break.
  • Flexibility to work where you want—home, office, coffee shop, park, a remote cabin in the woods of Michigan.
  • Great food shared often. Sometime ordered, sometimes cooked (Becky is a chef) and the rest of us are a little food obsessed.
  • Team building fun on a bi-monthly basis.