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Planning carefully curated content

High-quality food deserves high-quality content, full stop. If the menu at Wings & Rings keeps customers coming back for more, then so, too, should their marketing efforts. It only makes sense that what we deliver to your inbox, website, or smartphone be as enticing as what is brought to your table.

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To that end, throw out any predisposed notions of us assembly-line scooping spoonfuls of bland content like your high school cafeteria on sloppy joe day. Instead, envision this: a curated team chock full of experienced creatives who are able to customize the consumer experience for each client initiative and deliver outstanding consumer engagement, time after time.

The lay of the land

Before we did any content planning, we had to see what the competition was doing. We wanted to see what they were doing well, what they were doing not so well, and if there were any opportunities for Wings & Rings. We compiled all this research into a competitive audit and presented it them. From there, we determined that Wings & Rings can stand out by creating meaningful and engaging content for their consumers. The goal was to highlight engagement opportunities, new products, and provide consumers valuable and entertaining content.  


Our own secret recipe for success lies in the planning. We kicked off the partnership by meeting with the Wings & Rings team to learn their wants and needs, and also conducted competitive research to uncover opportunities and unique areas where W&R could stand out from the herd. From there we pinpointed the deliverables we'd target: increasing brand strength, finding opportunities for customer engagement, and highlighting new products, all while keeping with their family-friendly atmosphere and delivered in a valuable, entertaining way. 

After kickoff, it was all about working with the Wings & Rings team to stay up-to-date with seasonal events, promotions, revenue goals, and company goings-on all while keeping our collective eyes on the competition. It is with these goals in mind that we strategize ideas for video shoots, articles, and web content that ties to those events, promotions, goals, and back to the Wings & Rings brand.

Buffalo Wings & Rings - Content Strategy & PlanningBuffalo Wings & Rings - Content Strategy & Planning


Even though we endeavor to mind-meld with our clients as much as possible, we still like to meet in person on occasion (plus, we are people people). Meeting with Wings & Rings' marketing team on a bi-weekly basis to discuss or review content status, learn of new business goings-on, and make necessary adjustments is key to providing open and honest communication and feedback. These meetings also allow us to plan ahead weeks and even months ahead so we can deliver with consistency.


Content Strategy

We handle the whole shebang: the planning, production, creation, and publication of content. With our clear-cut strategy, diligent work ethic, and creativity to boot, we are able to easily produce meaningful content from innovative ideas.


Whether 7 seconds or an entire minute, the videos we create not only showcase Wings & Rings' delicious food and seasonal offerings, but keep W&R top-of-mind for their customer base.


During production we sport many titles: director, producer, and videographer. We consider Wings & Rings in Oakley our other home base, and swoop in and out, shooting successful videos like a well-oiled machine before the doors even officially open.


To create perfect videos, we have to get the perfect shot. We have the capability to shoot either on- or off-site and usually plan to do both. You can find us at a Wings & Rings franchise, tailgating in a parking lot, picnicking at a park, or styling a Super Bowl Party Pack in Kevin’s kitchen. They work hard to make delicious food, and it's our job to translate that to the small screen. 

Since we produce everything in-house, you'll also find us wearing many hats. From shooting to directing and from producing to even acting, we take care of the entire process. (Remind us to add "acting" to our LinkedIn profile.)

Buffalo Wings & Rings - Photo & Video ShootBuffalo Wings & Rings - Photo & Video Shoot

Video Creation

Our videos are playful, informative, and most importantly, look good enough to eat. We have a hand in the entire video production cycle — from storyboard sketching to launching the live video. 

Since we plan our videos ahead of time on a quarterly basis, we come prepped and ready with a list of different holiday themes, sporting events, and promotions to shoot. During the shoot, we follow a pre-production document that we created ahead of time that tells us what to shoot and when to shoot it. 

We're also big fans of the storyboard. In storyboarding each concept, it allows us to dig into the nitty gritty of each frame and makes the shooting process run smoothly. It also enables us to be more consistent as we can determine angles for multiple shots ahead of time. Storyboarding also prevents less down time during shoots, regardless of location.

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Loyalty App Support

When Wings & Rings launched their new loyalty app, having a team already engaged in content support was key. Since we had planned for the app's launch ahead of time, we were able to add a full walk-through video of how to use the app as well as a short, benefits-driven video which featured app usage in store as well as in action. 

To support this initiative, we also created an app landing page directing users to download, making earning their first loyalty reward easy peasy. 

Buffalo Wings & Rings - Video Storyboards


We don’t just write to write. We write to engage, entertain, and deliver informative content to users that keeps them coming back for more. Written in a voice that is both clever and communicative, we are able to easily craft content on a variety of topics, from March Madness to Fantasy Football and from cooking the perfect chicken wing to beer and wing pairings, and everything in between. Our articles are fried in planning, sauced in research, and served with a smile.

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