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When Scripps and the former Journal Communications merged their broadcast assets in April 2015, Scripps became one of the nation’s largest independent TV station owners. They reached out to Ample to transform their website into a platform that better fit their true nature.

Ample put together a site that became a visual showpiece for what Scripps had become. It brings into focus their journalistic integrity and passion, while redefining the company. No longer a newspaper business people might expect, Scripps can now showcases the television, radio and digital aspects of the business.

The new, responsively designed, site gives Scripps maximum flexibility. The homepage is a visually stunning introduction to their business. Each block of content on the home page can be reprioritized, resized and re-written as needed. So as the needs of Scripps change, so too can their site.

Scripps owns 33 television stations in 24 markets that reach nearly one in five U.S. television households. It also owns 34 radio stations in eight markets. Each station is unique with its own logo, information stream, etc. One of the goals in the new site update was to feature all of these in a helpful way, open the door to new hires at specific locations, and to make it look consistently professional. Ample created a high powered template within the CMS that allows Scripps to maintain the integrity of the site design, while giving each individual market the opportunity to feature their own unique brand. Today, stations can update their specific page independently, to give it the right tone for their market.

Scripps is a great client that is powering change in the industry. Ample is delighted to be a part of their journey. Especially Kevin — who attended the Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University. Go Bobcats!

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