Pro Football Focus

Data-driven stats and grades for fantasy football fanatics.

Strategy, UX, Design, FrontEnd Development, Video

We got our game faces on for this one. Ample teamed up with Pro Football Focus to create a site that allowed customers to access statistics for their Fantasy Football leagues. We designed and developed the frontend code for their new site and applied a heavy hand in helping them strategize how to position their product. To show people what Pro Football Focus is all about, our team created promotional videos for the products that pushed the power of their stats and what it could mean for their fantasy team. Cris Colinsworth, former Bengal hero, current broadcasting legend, and an owner of Pro Football Focus provided the voice-over, which we recorded in our very own humble office. Cool, right? From design to frontend development, we made big gains to deliver a highly visual and engaging site that featured videos to promote their products.

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