A new look for a new Paycor.

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Paycor and Ample have been partners for almost as long as Ample has been in business and they reached out once again to revamp their site design. They had several goals in mind for the redesign: make use of advances in new technology, revamp the look to reflect their updated brand, and to rework the products to better represent their offering.

One of the main things they needed to contend with is similar to that of most modern businesses: with every passing day, technology is improving and the rules are changing. The new design implemented key strategies for improving SEO and usability. is now responsive, and comes with a re-crafted design that allows the images and text to better fit the various screen sizes. In this process we also reworked the flow of the pages to help customers identify themselves through more user-specific content—which then delivers them to more relevant parts of the site.

The updated design tells a better story for Paycor. Overall it features bigger, brighter visuals and sprinkles in graphic elements. Users can get to the homepage, get a sense of who Paycor is as a company, and quickly find what Paycor can do for them. This new look also had a big effect on connecting their resources and testimonials with specific target audiences—improving the effectiveness of their content strategy.

Their product offerings had shifted since their site launched as well. Ample revamped both the navigation and page structure to address their new services. Using a solutions-oriented approach, we worked with Paycor to bucket and categorize their products under audience types as well as task requirements. Rather than looking for the, “applicant Tracking,” product, users instead can locate “recruiting and hiring solutions,”—and then find what they need. This was pushed even further in the implantation of the “solution finder.” Ample created an easy-to-use guide that stepped users through some simple, task-oriented questions. Upon completion, the tool supplied them with the most relevant solutions.

This was a fantastic upgrade for Paycor. They are a great client that is growing fast and Ample is delighted to be a part of it.

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