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Development, CMS, Agile

Contrary to its name, our client Chef actually isn’t in the restaurant business. But they are a leader in the DevOps industry, especially in the software infrastructure and automation space. As their business scaled, the Chef marketing team wanted to ensure that their sites could keep up with the changes to drive business results.

That's where we came in. We partnered with Chef to help simplify their web infrastructure so they could focus on their business instead of wrangling various applications.

Our first step was to build a component library — Chef’s internal toolkit for creating high-functioning pages quickly and reliably.

Here’s what we did:

  • Indexed the content across the site.
  • Pulled out common patterns being used.
  • Built individual components (think: icons, buttons, and quotes).
  • Compiled them into a component library.
  • De-coupled the front and back end of their website.
  • Used the component library to rebuild the front end of their website.

While the work we created doesn’t sound flashy, it made a world of difference. Now, the Chef marketing team can quickly create new pages on the fly, making life easier for designers and developers. 

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