Aster Brands

Seven stellar, secure, scaleable sites.

Development, CMS

As a concrete manufacturing company with seven branches ranging from B2C to B2B, Aster Brands needed seven reliable websites. When their primary website vendor folded, Aster Brands had no one to maintain their proprietary CMS. Time was of the essence to get their websites onto a new CMS that was scalable, secure, and fast.

The task: Maintain the front end of their site, but replatform the back-end CMS to make it usable again. We team solved their problems, using the Jamstack to:  

  • Clean up and optimize their base components to be similar in nature but themed to match each of their seven unique websites. 
  • Transfer them onto a new CMS, setting them up well for the future. 
  • Streamline and make their designs more efficient, optimized, and consistent. 

The result: All-new websites that are significantly more performant — and won’t crash.

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