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Coordinating content strategy

Mike Albert Fleet Solutions is the ally companies rely on to build and maintain entire fleets of vehicles across the country. Strategic planning and coordination is not a foreign concept to them. In fact, they sought out Ample to help them apply a similar, focused approach to their marketing efforts.

Mapping out the future

We began a journey together planning and information gathering. We had to understand their business, their clients and the industry in which they were competing. It was then up to us to apply our creative and technical skills to help them win. Ample designed and developed a new website for them that included a complete overhaul of their site copy. Content organization became a huge driver to the general structure of the website. 

Their clientbase had vastly different needs. Reorganizing Mike Albert’s services and building new content around each industry and persona, led to powerfully targeted SEO content. In conjunction with this work, Mike Albert also engaged Ample to help them craft new and better content on a continuous basis.

Search Strategy

You’ve heard the adage… “If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” Ample believes that applies to content. “If content is posted online and it has no SEO value, does it make a sound?”

Mike Albert wants people to hear their message loud and clear. They work with Ample to help ensure that someone is there to listen. The search consultation that we provide includes paid search management, keyword mapping and conversion tracking. During our bi-monthly calls, we review the data aggregated from several sources including: Google Analytics, Moz and a variety of other tools. We then make suggestions and adjustments based on the trends we are seeing and the evolving goals of the marketing team. Additionally we provide concrete suggestions for optimization to existing content in the form of improved title tags, meta data, and content structure. 

Goal setting and tracking is a key element to this process. For example, Mike Albert wanted to rank highly for the term: ‘Upfit.’ Ample applied a variety of tactics including content creation and a focused keyword strategy. We monitored our progress month-to-month, making adjustments along the way. Within a few months we got them ranked as #1 for 'Upfit' on the SERP.

Mike Albert - Digital Analytics Overview
Mike Albert - Site Analytics

Content Creation

In Mike Albert, we saw an opportunity to capitalize on thought leadership, user self-segmentation, and storytelling. From a consumer standpoint, Mike Albert is a life saver. They take a massive responsibility and an even bigger liability and make it a smooth and effortless process. For example, it takes experience to know how to handle toll management for a fleet of 500 vehicles continuously crossing state lines. Likewise, it takes an obsessive amount of focus to manage the maintenance of a fleet. Heck, most people can’t remember to change their own oil, let alone know when hundreds of vehicles are due to the shop. 

Our workflow is a blend of creativity and process. We align with their current objectives to suggest and collaborate on upcoming articles. Chosen concepts are boiled down to a focused brief that can be approved by their team and used to kick off the new assignment. We then move on to execution — interviewing subject matter experts, conducting research and then crafting the content. We work with Mike Albert to assure accuracy and then revise it to perfection.

Mike Albert has people on staff who know fleets. They know what works. They think about what the future brings. We have begun to tap into this well of knowledge — crafting content in the form of tips for creating better work vehicles, mistakes to avoid in management, and a vision of an electric-powered future.

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Content Strategy

With our clear-cut strategy, diligent work ethic, and creativity to boot, we are able to produce meaningful content that builds on their incredible in-house expertise. We work closely with their team to review progress, evaluate content and plan for future posts.


Whether in concept, creation, editing or acting we help Mike Albert create engaging video content. It helps connect their services to real world examples — showcasing the true partnership that is created when working with their team.


The search consultation that Ample provides to Mike Albert includes paid search management, keyword mapping, and conversion tracking. It provides the insights to make better content decisions and inspire new creative directions to boost sales.

Video Support

When it comes to video, Ample is the Swiss Army knife they need. We’ve storyboarded ideas, written scripts and helped out with the shoot. Kevin even played a starring role in one of the videos.  

One series of videos was based on a single interview with a Mike Albert client. Ample took the 90 minutes of content and then broke it down into three distinct storylines that connected with our marketing goals. Cutting the audio track into pieces, then splicing it back together, we were able to craft three sixty second videos:

  1. Fleet management
  2. Toll Management
  3. Upfitting

Working with their team and a cameraman (who had some serious drone skills), we spent a day shooting in and around their lot. It’s amazing how much you can capture in a limited time frame when you have a clear storyboard and shot list. Following the shoot, we took the footage back to the studio. Ample was able to splice together the scenes which then acted as the backdrop to the newly edited audio tracks. A little music and some text animations… and presto. Three videos selling three distinct services.  

Touching Base

You might say, “Oh great… more meetings.” But these are not your standard aimless check-ins. Our status meetings are well oiled machines. They come with agendas, data and a strategic look at what is being done and what will be accomplished next. This is a time for our teams to connect and realign with what is most important to Mike Albert. It is a time to answer questions, make adjustments and shift gears when necessary. Plus, we like people and having a live conversation rather than trading emails and Slack messages is good for the soul.

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