Scripps was in need of a modernized site that would tell the true story of their new business model, in light of their merger with Journal Communications. Where in the past, they were a print-based company, today they are one of the nation’s largest independent television station owners with 33 stations in 24 markets.

Ample worked extensively with their team—interviewing stakeholders at every level, and gaining a better understanding of their mission and goals. We were able to apply the results of these in-depth meetings, to create an online experience that matched the internal culture and their vision of the future.

We love where landed. The home page is a powerful introduction to the brand that makes their purpose clear. It balances actions like recruiting with informative content such as their market pages—all in a way that is visually appealing. As you dig into the site you will find well-organized content that offers the complete picture of the vast Scripps media presence, without overwhelming.

The new is a beautifully modern site we’re really proud to share, and that’s not just due to Kevin’s alma mater (Ohio University’s Scripps School of Journalism). Go Bobcats!

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