The question is always, "How do we get more foster families?" 

That's their business. Necco does foster care, adoption and provides a variety of other support services. They rely on Ample to help them connect to more and more families, to help make their mission possible.

We are learning and adapting.

Every iteration of the site is leading to greater engagement. We continue to learn more about our target, and can better craft an experience that meets their needs.

In the newest iteration of the website we focused on revamping their complex list of services. Necco has a presence in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Georgia. In each of those states, they offer a different cache of services. Some of them are the exact same thing, hidden behind different names. Some of them are completely unique to a state. We worked with the Necco team to organize this bunch of jargon into something that would make sense to some well-intentioned parents just looking to help some kids in need.

Challenge one: Make it useful to people. Challenge two: Make it useful to Google.

Nothing we do will matter if the people searching for answers can't find us.

Ample is providing search consultation to Necco and, based on what we find—are adapting on a weekly basis to the data. To start, we created these new service pages with an updated structure. It incorporates a strong naming convention bent on solidifying local search. We also worked with Necco to create page-specific copy that provides vital information to new parents, while creating a treasure trove of keywords and unique content to every single Necco service. Google loves that.

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