Coming off of a three-part series on getting started with the Jamstack, our Cincinnati meetup spent our October event with an overview of serverless functions.

Dan Rye of Rye Designs facilitated a talk on everything serverless. After explaining to the group what serverless really means, he dug into the details. We learned when to use them and, perhaps more importantly, why we would use them. (Spoiler Alert: You should be using them; they are awesome.) And we even looked at a comparison of the most popular providers  (Google Cloud Functions, Microsoft Azure Serverless, and AWS Lambda).

And then the questions started. They were fired from every corner of the crowded training room at Kroger Atrium Two. Dan was ready. He fielded every question and threw back a poised and articulate answer, almost as though he knew the questions up-front! (He didn’t,  he’s just really good at his job.)

Jamstack Cincinnati offers a big thanks to Dan Rye for his time and effort in introducing us all to serverless functions. We also want to thank Kroger for hosting the event and TEKsystems for sponsoring and providing us with all the sandwiches we could dream of.

Here are the slides for Dan’s presentation: 

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