Jamstack Cincinnati's June 2019 meetup continued our multi-part series on getting up and running with the Jamstack.

The workshop, led by Maria Szubski, began with a presentation that provided an overview of static site generators. From there, she moved on to get us up and running with a GatsbyJS site. While Gatsby is just one of tons and tons of static site generators, its popularity has continued to soar over the last year or so. As workshop came to a close, Szubski took the group one step further in deploying the project to Netlify, effectively building upon the first workshop and getting us one step closer to fitting all the pieces of the Jamstack together.

The next workshop in the series will be led by Taylor MacDonald on July 30, 2019 at Ample. This workshop aims to wrap the basics of the Jamstack by providing an overview of headless CMS products before diving into some quick examples.

You can catch up on everything you missed in June’s event using the following resources:

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