Becky Blank has been named Ample’s new CEO and will set the course of the company — now solely owned by Taylor MacDonald and Kevin Comer. Noted as the keeper of culture, Becky has diligently focused on creating an atmosphere of inclusion and engagement at Ample that persisted and grew throughout the pandemic. While the rest of the world was becoming more and more isolated, Becky helped Ample to stay connected, deliver great work and grow.  

“As a small company always competing for talent and business, we know that Ample needs to offer something unique,” said Kevin Comer. “In the past we knew how to create a great face-to-face work environment and lasting relationships. But that became increasingly difficult when the world shifted to a virtual work environment. It was Becky who helped keep the culture alive. She built inclusion and intentionality into our processes that enabled us to do great work together — from anywhere.”

Becky Blank is a technologist and marketing veteran who previously served as Ample’s Director of Technical Operations and has been a part of the company since 2015. She brings a unique perspective to Ample clients — as she can connect and strategize on their business and marketing needs while also fully grasping the possibilities and limitations of web development. Previously, Blank worked at a variety of other marketing and digital agencies across the city and served five years as the Co-Chair of Girl Develop It Cincinnati. She also spent 3 years as a member of the board for the non-profit We Pivot, most recently as Board Chair.

“For the last seven years, I’ve had the privilege of being part of the growth and evolution of this organization. I couldn’t be more proud of the team we have in place. This company is unique from other agencies I’ve worked for – there’s something special here. I’m confident in our ability to grow, innovate and build great client partnerships in the future while being a place where our employees want to show up for work every day.”

Under Becky’s new leadership and with the streamlined efficiencies of consolidated ownership, Ample is poised to do great things in Cincinnati and beyond.

“I am confident that Becky is the right person to build on our momentum,” MacDonald said. “She is a seasoned leader with significant experience working with all levels of our company, operating efficiently and delivering value across the board. We are lucky to have her as our next CEO.”

Ample, founded in 2008, is a digital agency that designs and builds exceptional websites and provides strategic digital marketing solutions. Local clients include Kroger, Crossroads Church, Sibcy Cline, 8451, Mike Albert Fleet Solutions, Buffalo Wings & Rings, and The Thunderdome Group. In addition, Ample provides services for a wide range of clients nationwide in both the software as a service and CPG space. Ample has 21 employees and is located at 8 East Fourth Street in Downtown Cincinnati.  

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