Sustainable marketing that focuses on the clock that’s ticking toward our impending doom is no way to get people to pull over their car and hop on a bike. People aren’t looking for reasons to feel worse about themselves. Quite the opposite, in fact. Show them hope instead. Give them a reason to believe that — in this case — what they buy matters.

Give hope

Paint the picture of the future you’re seeking to create. We’ve all heard the adage “bring me solutions rather than problems.” That’s twice as important for global problems that can leave people feeling powerless. Bring people your solution to a specific problem, and show how it fits into the picture of a better world.

Show the impact

Back that hope up with facts! If you’re selling bullshit, then you may as well stop reading. If your product has a true measurable impact, then make sure you understand how to articulate it. If X people buy your product, then the results will equal Y. Show people that it’s worth it because it’s making a measurable difference in the world.  

Empower actions

Now is your chance. You’ve given them the “why,” now give them the “how.” You aren’t just selling a product; you’re empowering them to make the difference. Turns out you’re not the hero in this story – your consumer is. And if you’re lucky, those heroes grow into evangelists.  

Invite scrutiny

Not everyone will buy in. In fact, your harshest critics may turn out to be the people you assumed would be on your side. Don’t be shy, and don’t pretend to be perfect. Let people know your shortcomings and remind them that your job is not to save the world. Your product is designed to make one specific measurable difference.  

Offer proof

As the wheels start turning, people start buying, and results come in… celebrate them! Let your people, the ones who bought your product, share in the joy. Show them that they are a part of the group's impact. This also gives your evangelists more to share to help convince others to join your cause.

Tell your story

This final part can be about you. All about you. Make videos, create social posts, and let people know why you do this. Let people get an inside look at the process, the people and the results. Humanize what you're doing. This is not just a feel-good story, but a living, breathing company that is making an impact on the world, fulfilling a consumer need, and supporting its own employees and their family. Make it a story anyone can get behind.  

If you have a product or offering that’s in the sustainability space, reach out to Ample to help you tell your story. We’re fully invested in doing our part to push the world towards a cleaner, healthier, greener, smarter future.

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