Content. Or, as we like to call it, the “currency of the internet.” It inspires people to click, tells the story of your brand, and helps boost search ranking. Today, having a digital content strategy is crucial for your business to score leads and stay competitive. To write clickable copy, you need a copywriter. However, some businesses put the burden of copywriting across their team in-house, rather than hiring a dedicated copywriter. 

Whether it’s web copy (the words on the home page, about page, or careers page) or ongoing copy (like blogs, articles, or case studies), copy is best when you hire a professional dedicated to writing it for you

As an added bonus, outsourcing is even cheaper than hiring a copywriter in-house, leading to a higher content marketing ROI. Today, more than 60 percent of companies outsource content creation to freelancers or creative agencies. Need more convincing? Read on for more reasons why an outsourced copywriter can help you and your business thrive.

1. They will save you time. 

Maybe you consider yourself a decent writer. Or maybe you hate writing with a passion. Either way, you have to face the fact that writing takes time. A lot of time. This blog alone has burned through several hours — from brainstorming, to forming an outline, to doing actual writing, then deleting it all and rewriting it, and then going through rounds of revisions with editors.

Reportedly it takes 65 percent more time to write a blog now than it did in 2014, likely due to the fact that there’s more competition, more research needed in order to stand out, and more skills required to ensure content performs well on search engines. 

No matter how good of a writer you may be, carving out the time to write about your company with a purpose will take away countless hours from your core job. 

2. They will write with the reader in mind.

Many times, clients opt to write their own copy because they think they know the subject better than anyone else. After all, writing about your business can't be that hard, right? Wrong. (Sometimes it works. Usually, it doesn’t.) 

While you are the true expert in operations or sales, that does not translate into you being an expert in web copy and putting yourself in the reader’s shoes. Many businesses make the mistake of writing for themselves, not for the reader. Professional writers have experience crafting your content to be concise, focused, and reader-friendly. 

3. Their ongoing content will fuel your social media strategy.

Your social media strategy can be elevated tremendously by — surprise — actually having content to post. Most businesses should try to post 3-5 times a week, leaving social media managers with no choice but to occasionally repeat the same three articles that have been on your website since 2014.

You can add fuel to your strategy with more in-depth content that is worthy of being “gated,” or put behind a form that requires readers to enter their email address to read.

B2B companies with professional blogs are said to generate 67 percent more leads than those without. 

4. They offer a fast delivery at a high quality.

Let’s be honest: If you opted to do all your copywriting in-house without a hired writer, that blog post in your head would go on the backburner behind your other tasks for months. Even if you do manage to meet your own deadline, the output is likely rushed or wordy, and you probably don’t have an editor on hand to give it a read-through before you push it live. 

But if you hire someone whose sole job is to meet a deadline and send you that copy, you’re contractually guaranteed to get it when you need it. Plus, with several read throughs by editors and insight from search engine optimization (SEO) experts, that blog post will be at a higher standard of quality and rank better on search engines. 

5. They’ll help you reach your marketing goals.

A great writing partner will go beyond the assignment. They won’t settle with simply following the instructions and sending you an invoice. An ideal copywriter is trained in all things web content, which means they can help you brainstorm a content strategy, give suggestions for captions and cadence of posting content on your social channels, and even recommend additional ways to get your message across, whether through accompanying infographics or videos. 

Still not sold?

Maybe you’re hesitant that your outsourced content expert will not truly understand what your business does. For web copy or ongoing content, you can help them learn  more by making sure your writer is armed with as much material about your business as possible. (It’s never too much. Seriously). 

Better yet, allow the writer to set aside time to chat with you over a phone call. That way, you can explain firsthand what your business does while giving the writer an opportunity to ask questions. 

Engaging web copy, when paired with the well-oiled machine of content strategy, will get your business more leads. And, if you stick with one outsourced copywriter for a while, they just might end up understanding your company as well as you do. You can take our word for it — we’ve written whitepapers, blogs, and ad copy for countless clients for years. 

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