A website redesign that showcases 84.51° 's skills in data science, predictive analytics, and customer experience.

UX, Design, Development, Copywriting, Animation

When 84.51° partnered with Ample for a full website redesign, we knew we wanted to make their website look as science-driven and cutting edge as their technology. In order to tell their story to the market, we had to make this client’s unique capabilities both accessible and visually stunning to website visitors.

To make a complex concept simple, 84.51° is concerned with using customer data to enhance customer experience. They specialize in curating more personalized experiences for customers across a variety of industries – from consumer packaged goods to publishing. Using their incredible depth of customer insights, 84.51°  gives companies the ability to recommend products to customers based on what they’re already buying. But the focus isn’t just on selling more products or experiences – it’s about enhancing the customer’s journey from the digital “aisle” to the checkout page.  

The newly redesigned website highlights the ingenuity of 84.51° 's analytics, research, and customer solutions while presenting their capabilities through clear, accessible design and language. While a Solutions tab covers their impressive range of offerings, the Knowledge Hub provides space for industry updates, client case studies, and more. Throughout, sharp design is complemented by subtle movement and call-out graphics that demonstrate this client’s groundbreaking work in their field.

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