At Ample, LeeAnne Galioto will be helping the development team build and maintain sites and applications.

How did she get here? 

LeeAnne has always been interested in creating things in code. It goes all the way back to her banging away on her Commodore 64. She also wrote simple programs at the school computer lab, and later experimented with code on Geocities and then created her own personal website. When it came time for a career change, she got serious about coding and worked diligently to expand her knowledge from hobby to discipline. Eventually she teamed up with a graphic designer and began to do freelance work. She did some work from Ample, and we liked her so much we brought her on full time.

Life before development

Based on what you know now of LeeAnne, what would you guess her life's first passion to be? Math perhaps? Computer science. No, she graduated from Miami University with a Bachelor of Music, and then the University of Tennessee with a Master of Music, focus on Vocal Performance. We all have friends who, “sang in a band.” Maybe a few were in pretty good bands. LeeAnne, on the other hand, has sung with Cincinnati Opera, Cincinnati Ballet, Knoxville Opera and the Sorg/Whitewater Opera (previously in Middletown, OH). Maybe we can work some vocals into our client presentations.

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